Moving to bristol

In October I start school at university of Bristol. It’s a new city and new life for me. But my main problem is I need to find a new place to stay.
Most of the ads are now online and it’s easier to find a place. Must be close to my university because I don’t want to use public transportation.
Hopefully I will get lucky and find a nice roommate as well. It is so important to find the right one. You will get to share most of the things and spend a lot of time with that person. I don’t have high expectations of the new roommate but I would like she will share the same value as I do and respect our house. Ohh and most importantly to not bring a man over every night. Because I need the house to be quiet so I can study.
This year will be an important year because I will start my practice in a beauty clinic. I must work for 2 months in order to finish the year.
Will be a good start for me because I want to follow this path and start a career as a dermatologist. Hopefully one day I’ll have my own clinic.
I will start in November in a laser clinic  that is located in the city centre of bristol.
With the help of laser we will treat several problems. From veins, scars to removing the unwanted hair.
We will have each day a different laser device we will work on. Maybe I will get the chance to use it on my veins too.
This technology based on laser or intense light pulsing is breathtaking. It helped so many people in such a short of time. That’s why is so popular in our days and everyone  goes for laser treatments.
For example, If you have an old scar that was impossible to get rid of it well now you can remove it in seconds.
The same thing happens with those veins that appear all over the body.
Two years ago I removed a big vein that was on my nose after my nose surgery. The laser treatment lasted for 2 minutes and after those 2 minutes I couldn’t see the vein anymore. I was shocked. And it is all safe. No burns no signs, nothing. The amazing thing is you have no side effects. At least I didn’t.
You will get a little redness on your face after the laser but that will disappear in the next hour.

My dream is that in the future I will get rid of the unwanted hair in my own laser clinic. I hope after I finish university i will be able to do laser hair removal treatment at home on my own body. Until then I will study hard and practice in another’s clinic.

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